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Keen interest prevails amongst junior radiologists and residents to perform CT guided interventions, in spite of this interest not many of them are exposed to these procedures during their post gradute training. Even those eho have done these procedures under supervision lack the confidence to perform them in practice on their own.

The reluctance to perform these procedures in the CT room has caused consultants of other specializations to consider performing these procedures under CT guidance.

It was indeed painful to see that vertebral interventions, under CT guidance, in a premier institute being done by Orthopaedicians. Even procedures like Radio frequency Ablation or tumors is being done by Surgeons.

Though most of our post graduate institutions perform these procedures not all residents get a hands on feel and training as interventions do not find a place in our post graduate curriculum.

Keeping the above facts in mind,we have decided to start an Academy to teach radiologies to perform these procedures with confidence. In this program, we intend to instill confidence among the delegates to perform these procsdures on day to day basis and also to enhance the skills of those who are alreay performing these procedures.

Dr. Roy Santosham